Heritage Christian School believes that the primary means by which high-quality education can be guaranteed to exist at a school is through the hiring of high-quality individuals to staff the school. From the administration to the classroom teachers to the specialist teachers, Heritage has filled its positions with trained individuals with a common purpose: a deep love of Christ and His Word.

HCS Staff 2017-2018


Principal: Ian Scott     principal@heritagecs.net

Office Manager: Jenny Bunn     bunn@heritagecs.net

Athletic Director:  Mark Smith  athletics@heritagecs.net


Classroom Staff (Pre-K-5):

Pre-Kindergarten: Heather Schneider     schneider@heritagecs.net

Kindergarten: Nancy Miller     miller@heritagecs.net

Grade 1: Kathy Brannon     brannon@heritagecs.net

Grade 2: Jennifer Dorland     dorland@heritagecs.net

Grade 3: Janet Lowen     lowen@heritagecs.net

Grade 4: Karen McKown     mckown@heritagecs.net

Grade 5: Daniel Stevens     stevens@heritagecs.net


Classroom Staff (6-8):

Mathematics/Science/Grade 6 Homeroom: Kelsey Wilkening    wilkening@heritagecs.net

Writing/Language Arts/Literature/Grade 7 Homeroom: Shelly Ausmus     ausmus@heritagecs.net

Social Studies/Bible/Grade 8 Homeroom: Norman McCoy     mccoy@heritagecs.net


Specialist Staff:

Art (Pre-K to 3rd): Kim Zeiger      kzeiger@heritagecs.net

Art (4th-8th): Deb Morris      morris@heritagecs.net

Computers: Phyllis Taylor     taylor@heritagecs.net

Music: Melissa McMillan     mcmillan@heritagecs.net

Physical Education: Mark Smith   athletics@heritagecs.net