Our Core Values

  • We value a relationship with God: We look to Him for guidance; we love Him with our whole heart; we pray to Him, sing songs of praise to Him, and obey Him.  We look for His work in our lives.
  • We value good character: We choose to have Christ-like qualities growing in us and we encourage them in others. We choose friends who have these qualities. Some of these qualities are: self-control, generosity, love, integrity, obedience, dependability, and kindness.
  • We value education: It is a privilege to attend HCS. Focusing on learning is a high priority.
  • We value truth: We don't lie or deceive people, whether they are children or adults.
  • We value people: We don't call people names or show disrespect to them. We honor people and include people.
  • We value the Word of God: We read it and memorize verses and passages. We choose to live by God's instructions.
  • We value wisdom, knowledge, and understanding: We search for these like we are searching for treasure.
  • We value authority: It is God-given for our good and our protection; therefore we honor and obey authority.
  • We value diligence and hard work: We believe that God has given us talents and abilities. We work on them, improve them, and become competent with them. Competence in work leads to places of leadership.


Christ-Centered. HCS strives to be Christ-centered in all aspects of the learning environment–through action, word and deed.

Biblical Worldview. HCS teaches and leads from Biblical truth, equipping students accordingly.

Spiritual Growth. Every HCS student is embraced with the welcoming love of Jesus Christ, and invited and encouraged towards spiritual growth through dynamically integrated programs, activities and curriculum.


Excellence & Achievement. HCS believes that excellence honors God and inspires people; thus, students are prepared to achieve at their highest potential.

Character and Citizenship. Honorable character and citizenship are the responsibilities of current students and sets the expectation for their futures.

Future Leadership. HCS students are equipped with the mental, physical, social and spiritual competencies necessary to become humble stewards of their God-given gifts and talents.


Educational Challenge. Thorough preparation and consistent execution are required, which result in academic excellence, artistic expression and athletic distinction at HCS.

Nurturing Environment. In the midst of significant challenge and high standards, every HCS student experiences the love of God and the importance of being one of His children.

Lifelong Learning. Comprehensive knowledge and discerning thought will become hallmarks of the well-read and confident alumni of HCS, who develop knowledge, wisdom, and conversational intelligence that go well beyond high test scores and grade point average.

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