Heritage Christian Elementary Academy

The elementary school years build on the academic rigor of primary education, and further develop them towards preparation for middle school. At Heritage, elementary classes (grades 3 through 5) are geared towards establishing three main aspects of education:

(1) Developed Literacy & Numeracy: During elementary grades, students develop their comprehension skills over their phonetic skills; book reports allow students to demonstrate their mastery of reading. In mathematics, students not only master computation, but also apply them as they learn fractions, geometry, and measurement.

(2) Creative Thinking: Once the foundational pieces of literacy & numeracy have been established in students, they are able to apply these skills in creative ways. Our God is a Creator God, and creative activity is one of His central attributes; when students are creative, they reflect one of His qualities. Students in grade 3 create their own books for the spring Young Authors event. Students in grade 4 study and recite poetry at an end-of-year poetry event. Students in grade 5 participate in several drama productions.

(3) Character Development: Most important to Heritage is the character development of its students. Everything we do is geared towards building Christ-like character in students. Students receive daily Bible instruction and weekly chapel messages about character virtues. Our discipline policy and homework policy are designed to inculcate obedience, respect, and diligence.

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