Fourth Grade


The elementary school years build on the academic rigor of primary education, and further develop them towards preparation for middle school. At Heritage, elementary classes (grades 3 through 5) are geared towards establishing three main aspects of education:

Developed Literacy & Numeracy, Creative Thinking, and Character Development.

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Heritage Christian School

Fourth Grade Supply List 2020-2021

Like all schools, Heritage provides many of the supplies students will need day-to-day and throughout the year. From textbooks to art supplies to handouts, the school’s resources provide necessary curricular materials. However, at the start of the year, basic individual supplies — from pencils/pens to college-ruled paper to erasers — are the responsibility of the families to provide. Below are supplies for this school year:

Remote Learning Supplies:

  • New or Used Bible – NKJV only, please
  • Three-pronged folder/report cover (not plastic)
  • 7-pocket expanding file
  • Pocket folder (not plastic)
  • Wide-ruled paper (replace as needed)
  • Adult-size scissors
  • #2/#2½ pencils (replace as needed)
  • White or pink eraser (replace as needed)
  • 2 no-bleed fine tip Sharpie pens (black)
  • Fine-tip dry erase markers (black) (replace as needed)
  • Whiteboard eraser
  • Ruler with metal edge (imperial & metric)
  • Glue stick (replace as needed)
  • Headphones or headset that are compatible with your computer or tablet

Access to the following:

  • Computer or tablet with mic & forward-facing camera
  • Access to smart phone or tablet that can scan/photograph student work
  • Printer stocked with plain white office paper

In-Class Supplies:

  • New or Used Bible – NKJV only, please
  • 2 3-pronged folders/report covers (not plastic)
  • 2 pocket folders (not plastic)
  • 1 pkg. wide-ruled paper (replace as needed)
  • 1 adult-size Fiskar scissors • #2/#2½ pencils (replace as needed)
  • 1 pink or white eraser
  • 1 hand held pencil sharpener (with shavings collector)
  • Composition notebook
  • 1 bottle Elmers glue – medium size, no gel
  • 1 Glue stick
  • 1 zipper bag for colored pencils
  • 1 gallon size ziplock bag (for headphones)
  • 1 fist-sized flat round river rock
  • 2 no-bleed fine sharpie pens (black)
  • 2 fine-tip dry erase markers (black)
  • 2 – 8 oz bottles of hand sanitizer
  • 2 boxes Kleenex • Headphones for computer class (simple/inexpensive-will remain at school)
  • Tennis/athletic shoes (non-marking soles) to be left at school for PE (please label with student name)
  • Minimum of 2 washable cloth face masks- see Principal’s letter for more information
  • Earthquake Kit (see attached form)

NOTE: Please label all supplies and clothing with student’s name.
All supplies needed 1st day of school.
PE Shoes need soles that will not mark gym floor.
Please NO 3-ring binders

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