Heritage Christian Middle School

The middle school years are important transition years for students. Students in grades 6-8 are preparing themselves for High School, taking on more responsibilities, balancing extra-curricular activities with their studies, and sharpening their minds. At Heritage, middle school classes are geared towards establishing three main aspects of education:

(1) Well-rounded academic rigor: Students must be academically proficient in a wide-range of skills in order to be successful once they leave Heritage. Students in middle school are taught at a high-level in a wide range of subjects: pre-algebra, algebra, language arts, writing, geography, US History, classical literature, earth science, physical science, and health.

(2) Creative & Discerning Thinking: Once the foundational pieces of literacy & numeracy have been established in students, they are able to apply these skills in creative ways. Our God is a Creator God, and creative activity is one of His central attributes; when students are creative, they reflect one of His qualities. Students in grades 6 & 7 participate in science and history fairs where they can demonstrate knowledge through creative experimental design. Students are also taught to think discerningly, developing their reasoning and writing skills through reports and essays.

(3) Character & Leadership Development: Most important to Heritage is the character development of its students. Everything we do is geared towards building Christ-like character in students. Students receive daily Bible instruction and weekly chapel messages about character virtues. Our discipline policy and homework policy are designed to inculcate obedience, respect, and diligence. Moreover, students are taught to model proper behavior and act as leaders in their peer groups. Our goal at Heritage is to produce students that can be future leaders as they head to High School & beyond. Students in grade 8 participate in student-led Community Service projects as a demonstration of their character and leadership.


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